How to Update BMW Navigation

If your BMW is more than one year old, it might be time to update the BMW navigation software. Contained on a DVD, BMW updates the software every six months by adding new streets, restaurants, lodging, points of interest, and other miscellaneous items. Especially if you are on the road a lot and depend on your GPS navigation system to guide you around traffic jams, you should be prepared to update BMW navigation software at least every year.

To update BMW navigation, you will need:

  • A newly updated BMW disc
  • Your BMW owners manual – different cars have different ways of opening the DVD drive but most cars have the drive right in or behind the radio.
  1. Purchase the BMW navigation software.  As noted above, BMW releases a new navigation disc every six months. The discs are updated with such items as tourist information, any road changes (newly opened or recently closed roads), locations of parking lots or garages, restaurants, airports, etc. If you tend to be a homebody and rarely explore outlying areas, you might not need to upgrade your BMW navigation software every year. Older BMW navigation systems are CD based while those produced after 2002 are DVD based so make sure you purchase the right media for updating of your GPS system. Regardless, whenever you want to update the GPS, you can obtain the BMW navigation CD or DVD at 
  2. Locate your BMW car manual and find out how to open the CD/DVD drive. The CD or DVD navigation discs are stored in a drive behind the radio. There will be a button on the radio for either 'eject' or 'open' which you will need to press in order to load the new disc.
  3. Eject your old BMW navigation disc. After the drive is open, eject the old disc (if there is one – the newer cars might have the GPS information stored on a computer drive so there may not be a disc. If there is a disc, eject it, and insert the new CD or DVD disc. That's all there is to updating your BMW navigation system!
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