How To Update Bookcases

If you are bored with the design of your living room, you may want to learn how to update bookcases. Updating and redecorating furniture is a great way to re-purpose it. With some creativity, you can create a whole new look without too much cost. The amount of time, energy and money that you put into updating your bookcases depends on the overall look that you hope to create. Use leftover contact paper, wallpaper or paint to change the look of the bookcase itself. In addition, arrange the books to change the overall look.

  1. Paint your bookcases. This is an easy way to update bookcases. The color of paint that you will use depends on the overall decor of your home. Use a beige or khaki paint if you would like to keep the palette neutral. Another option is to use a bold orange or dark teal to make your bookcases stand out. If you would like to paint your bookcases black, use spray paint to do so.
  2. Add wallpaper to the back of your bookcases. Of course, if you do this after painting your bookcases, make sure that the paint is dry. The designs that you can choose are endless. Try using a bold color, especially if you painted the bookshelves in a neutral color. If you updated the bookcase by painting it a bold color, use black and white patterned wallpaper on the back of it.
  3. Re-arrange the books on the bookcases. Consider arranging them differently to update your bookcases. One way to do it is to arrange the books by color.
  4. Put book covers on your books. This will allow you to create a color scheme on your bookcases.
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