How To Update Internet Explorer

So maybe you just really didn't like Chrome, or Firefox just didn't do it for you, or maybe you just have to make sure your computer doesn't get every virus known to man and must find out how to update Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer, or IE for short, used to be the only browser anybody considered using. Now it has been relegated to the butt of most interoffice jokes. More often than not, a computer illiterate persons computer can be saved simply by installing Firefox and setting it as their default browsing program. Still, if you just prefer IE and aren't clicking every rogue link you see, updating it can be a perfect way to keep those nasty bugs out of your computer. For a while at least.

  1. Get ready to explore. If your IE is in need of an update, there is a good chance that it will tell you this right away. Fire up Internet Explorer and see if it gives you a pop up about updating. If it does, simply follow the steps on the onscreen prompt and it will download the update needed. If it doesn't, or if it did and you impatiently closed it and told it to never come back, you will want to go to the official Internet Explorer update page on Microsoft's website.
  2. Download the update. To update manually, navigate to the Internet Explorer section on Microsoft's site and choose the appropriate country and operating system that apply to you. If you don't know what OS you are running you should probably pay more attention to your surroundings. If you can't figure out whether you have a 64bit or 32bit windows, check your system for how much RAM is installed. If it is over 4gigs, the odds are that you are using 64 bit Windows. The update is roughly 24 megs so, depending on your connection, you will have between 4 and 13 minutes to wait for it to finish downloading.
  3. Back that thing up. While, in theory, nothing should be deleted or corrupted during the update, it is always a good idea to backup any information you don't want to lose. This includes passwords, settings, and bookmarks. This can be as easy as copying over the files to a different location or using an IE specific program to backup bookmarks.
  4. Install. Now the easy stuff, just double click the exe that downloaded, if it didn't run manually, and follow the onscreen prompts. After a while it will complete its update and you will have an even safer updated version of Internet Explorer ready for you to peruse the internet through. If you are one of the many who don't want to switch to a safer browser, keeping your Internet Explorer updated is the number one way you can protect your computer from malicious viruses. Either make sure to manually check for updates often or keep auto updates turned on. Or download Firefox. Either way!
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