How To Update Itunes

Looking at that archaic Apple program of yours, you may think it's time to figure out how to update iTunes. Fear not, because it's easy as pie to update iTunes with the most advanced media-playing software in the world, instantaneously! iTunes is, luckily, very versatile and streamlined, yet even the cream of the crop requires maintenance every now and then. Follow the steps below to get the most recent version of iTunes downloaded straight to your computer.

Have these before attempting to update iTunes:

  • Computer
  • iTunes (old version)
  • Internet connection
  1. Download iTunes. Start up your computer and download some version of iTunes (it doesn't matter if it's old, since we'll be updating it shortly). Once the program is downloaded, start it up by double clicking its icon.
  2. Automatically update iTunes. The program should update itself automatically, generally by telling you there's another version of iTunes it's going to download. After it has loaded (and updated/not updated), exit the program.
  3. Open up your "Program Files" folder. The "Program Files" folder contains all of your computer's various programs and executables. You can access your program files via Windows' Start menu or the hard drive (C:).
  4. Select the iTunes updater. Named "Apple Software Update", this program starts itself up automatically (unless specified otherwise) when the computer boots up. Double click the program's shortcut and let it run any appropriate installations. It might need you to approve of each update prior to actually initializing them.
  5. Restart your computer. Updates change lots of things on your computer's registry/program files. It's best to restart your system and give it a fresh boot so as to ensure everything is running in sync with the latest updates.

iTunes is a great media player that links up with the world's most popular mp3 player: the iPod. The ability to update iTunes with the most current version is very useful, to say the least. Have fun, and always download music legally!



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