How to Update Toyota GPS

Instead of taking your Toyota to the Toyota dealership to get your GPS upgraded, why not read this article on how to upgrade a Toyota GPS system? Although it can be time consuming it will save you money. Before we continue make sure your GPS system uses a map DVD. If it does not, you have to take your Toyota to the dealership to get your GPS system updated. This guide will also apply to most Lexus GPS systems since Lexus is own by Toyota.

1. The first step is to look up the make, model, and option packages of your Toyota in your owner's manual if you do not know that information off the top of your head. Now you need to look up the model and version number of your GPS system. This information can be in your owner's manual. If it is not in your owner's manual, you are going to need to go to your car and look up the information on the GPS system. This is done by Menu then the DVD button on your GPS system. Write down that information.

2. The second step in upgrading your Toyota's GPS system is to call your Toyota dealership up and order a new map DVD. Have the information you gathered in step one nearby so you can tell them.

3. The third and final step to upgrading your Toyota's GPS system is to wait for the map DVD to arrive in the mail. Once it arrives in the mail open up the package and head over to your Toyota. Locate your navigation DVD player and eject your old map DVD. Now insert the new map DVD and  you have finished upgrading your Toyota GPS system.



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