How To Use The 1800 Tequila Shot Top

Learning how to use the 1800 tequila shot top is easy. Similar to other types of tequila such as Cuervo, 1800 has a bottle that performs an interesting task: its top pours a shot for you. The shot that the top holds after it is filled is perfectly measured, and it may be directly consumed, poured into a glass, or used in any mixed drink. Following is advice on how to use the 1800 tequila shot top.

How to Use the 1800 Tequila Shot Top:

  1. Start by getting yourself a bottle of this agave liquor. It is a pretty good drink, and it is perfect for shots. It may be found at any liquor store.
  2. Next, you will need to fill the shot glass top. Turn the bottle upside down, wait and watch. You should see tequila flow into the top as the bottle is upside down. Once it is full, the shot is ready for drinking.
  3. Begin to turn the bottle toward its upright position. Just as it is turned sideways, pull of the top as you continue to turn the bottle up. Once the shot glass top is removed, turn it upside down (so that the top of the top, or, the bottom of the glass, is down, and turn the bottle up. This motion is similar to breaking a stick. Turn, with one hand, the bottle down, and, with the other, the top of the top down, as you pull or gently twist it off..
  4. Now, you should have a perfect shot in your bottle's top. If you are not sharing with others, you may drink it directly from the top. If you are pouring shots, pour from the top into glasses. The pre-measured shot in the top may also be used to make mixed drinks.

Learning how to use the 1800 tequila shot top is easy. Simply fill the top, pull it off, and drink or serve the tequila that fills it up, and then repeat for additional shots of 1800.



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