How To Use An Armani Chronograph Watch

If you just bought one you're going to want to know how to use an Armani chronograph watch. With it's stylish interface and sleek build, your new watch will be an excellent accessory to any outfit.

Set the time:

If your watch is used, you might not have a manual to go along with your Armani chronograph watch. In that case, just play around with it until you find the crown, or the large dial on the right hand side of the face of the watch.

  1. Pull the crown of your Armani chronograph watch out all the way and twist.
  2. Use this to adjust the time to your current time zone. If you're unsure of the exact time, look at a device that synchs to the Internet or wireless network, such as a computer or cell phone.

Set the date of your Armani chronograph watch:

  1. As with setting the time, pull out the crown head all the way.
  2. This time, push the crown back in about halfway.
  3. Now twist the crown to set the date.

Figuring out the stopwatch function:

  1. With the crown halfway pushed in, use the large buttons on either side of the crown to adjust the minutes and seconds desired on the stopwatch.
  2. Push the crown in to start the stopwatch.
  3. To reset, with the crown again pushed halfway out, push both buttons at the same time. This will reset the stopwatch on your

Using your Armani chronograph watch shouldn't be a hassle. If at any point during your ownership of the chronograph, take it in to any retailer that can give you professional advice or technical skill.

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