How To Use Back Massage Cushions

Back massagers can provide a sufficient amount of relief for the back pain you may be experiencing and knowing how to use back massage cushions will optimize the comfort you will receive. A back massager can turn any old chair into the prefect massage chair, to relax those aches and pains away.

 To use a back massager you will need:

  • Back massager
  • Chair
  • Relaxing spot
  1.  The first thing you need to do is get a back massager for the type of back pain you are having. If its mild discomfort that you are experiencing, than a massagers with very few settings is all that is necessary, but if you are having more acute back pain. Then you may want a massager with more settings, and high low control, which would penetrate those deep down pains. A back massager with heat therapy to relax the stress and tension away would probably be better.
  2. Most back massagers will fit on any old chair. Of course for added comfort use a padded chair, one that is comfortable and spacious enough to accommodate the entire massage cushion. This will also enhance your massage experience.
  3. You will need a tranquil spot to relax in. The sounds of nature or maybe some soft classical music will put you in the right mood, it will help you to relax and make you feel like you are receiving a professional massage in the comfort of your very own home.
  4. Choose the correct massage setting for your needs. You may have to play around with the setting on the controller to get it adjusted to the perfect setting. You don’t want to choose a setting too intense which could cause your back to hurt more. Only you know what you can stand and what you can’t. So if it’s to gentle kick it up a notch and if the massage is strong lower the control. You should now have the control and the speed set and heat (optional) at the desired setting you choose.
  5. It’s time to sit back and enjoy your massage. If everything is in place you have the right back massager, chair, and atmosphere. Then you are ready to be soothed as your massager penetrates deep inside your muscles and not just revitalize the muscles in your back, but energize the entire body.

We all have different ache pains for different reasons, but we all want the same outcome. To feel invigorated and restored as our back pain begins to melt away.

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