How To Use A Ball Joint Press On A Ford

If you want to use the ball joints on your car, you need to know how to use a ball joint press on a Ford. Ball joints tend to go out with basic wear and tear on your car. A ball joint press is the main tool used to remove the ball joints and can keep you from damaging them. Although replacing the ball joints on a Ford can be a little difficult, using a ball joint press and following some general steps will allow you to do this yourself at home.

To use a ball joint press on a Ford, you will need:

  • A ball joint press
  • A ratchet and socket set
  • A ball joint
  1. Choose the correct size adaptor to use on the ball joint press. Size the adapters by placing the ball joint press over the ball joint that you want to remove. The ball joint press' deep cup goes over the threaded end of the cup and should be pointing up towards the hood of the Ford. Make sure that the adapter fits tightly over the ball joint, but not so tight that it could possibly do damage to the ball joint.
  2. Press the ball out. Use a ratchet and socket wrench to tighten the upper nut found on the ball joint press. Insert the press fitting between the ball joint and the C-clamp. Turn the press handle clockwise to press the ball out of the joint arm. Apply enough force to the ball joint press on your Ford so that the ball joint is pressed out.
  3. Install the new ball joint. Place the ball joint press on the Ford over the new ball joint. This time adjust the adapter so that the ball joint cap will slide inside of the press instead of having to push it down on the press. Be patient while doing this because you may have to go through quite a few adapters to get the right cup size and the positioning just right.
  4. Remove the ball joint press. Once you install the new ball joint, be sure to tighten the new ball joint press all the way until the ball joint is placed correctly in the arm. Remove the ball joint press from the Ford once the ball joint is placed and seated correctly in the joint arm.
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