How To Use Body Language

Learning how to use body language is a very important way to communicate, especially with the opposite sex. When communicating you are not just using words. Instead, you use your body to convey your deepest thoughts desires and fears. Body language plays a big part in your everyday lives whether you realize it or not. Here are some tips about how to use body language.

  1. There are many types of body language used by men and women, especially when it comes to romance. It may start off with a seductive stare or a gentle lick of the the lips. A man may notice how a woman starts to caress certain parts of her body like the leg, arm or rub one finger across her chest. Making your eyes wonder to the part of the body she is touching, to turn you on more.

  2. Affectionate and attentive body language is easy to spot. She may find reasons to touch you, if you tell her a joke, when she laughs she either puts her hand on your arm or shoulder. If you are sitting next to her she may lean her legs more towards yours for them to touch. If she does this, rest assured you have her full attention, even when surrounded by a lot of noise.

  3. if someone is bored or has a lack of interest, they usually try not to hide their body language. If she has the palm of her hand under her chin, or elbow on the table with wondering eyes, that’s not a good sign. If she seems to be leaning away from you and not leaning closer to you, this type of body language is clear, it's time to call it a night. You probably also shouldn't expect another date.

  4. There is body language where you are trying to decide or figure this person out. Body language can also be used if you haven’t decided if you would like to see her again or are trying to let her know you are really not interested, without saying it. Of course she may turn the tables on you. If you see her sort of squeezing her chin, placing one finger on side of her face, rubbing the side of her nose or tapping her lips with one finger, this can be a bad sign. She may be trying to decide if she wants to see you again.

  5. When a female wants you to know they are in control, it shows in their body language. Look for folded arms, chin slightly in the air, legs crossed. On the other hand, looking at you directly in the eye showing no fear, will let you know she is one tough cookie.

There are countless types of body language and the more you pay attention to posture, gestures and eye movement the easier it will be to read body language and avoid humiliating yourself.

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