How To Use Boxing Punch Mitts

Learning how to use boxing punch mitts will significantly increase your boxing skill. Perhaps you are a boxer or a trainer; either way, boxing punch mitts are effective for teaching boxing fundamentals. Take the following considerations into account when learning how to use punching mitts for boxing.

  1. Work on different punches and combinations. Boxing punching mitts are great for working on punches and combinations. The are effective in working out the mechanics of punches, such as shortening the movements and enhancing the effectiveness of a punch. Additionally, boxing punching mitts are notorious for combinations. Use the mitts to learn how to string together combinations.
  2. Use punching mitts for reactions. Reactions can be learned with boxing mitts in a couple of different ways. First, use the mitts to force a boxer to perform a particular punch. This will force the boxer to become more aware, and perhaps work on a certain punch that is needed.  Finally, use the mitts to force the boxer to be aware defensively. If the boxer does not keep his hands up, simulate a punch to make sure he does so.
  3. Move with the mitts. The effectiveness of boxing punching mitts is undermined if they are kept static. Move around with the boxer to work on footwork. Offensive and defensive footwork can be improved by adding this to your punching mitt drills, creating a complete boxing workout. Switch things up on the boxer to keep him on his toes and to work on areas that are needed for improvement in the ring.
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