How To Use A Camp Stove Toaster

Learning how to use a camp stove toaster will allow you to have perfectly toasted bread with your bacon and eggs next time you're out roughing it in the woods. A camp stove toaster allows you to toast up to four pieces of bread at once over the flame of your regular camp stove. It's much more convenient than trying to toast bread on a stick over the flame, and can help prevent the burnt fingers that usually go along with that method of toasting. But how does a camp stove toaster work?

  1. The toaster consists of a flat base with four wire frames that stand up to hold the toast. 
  2. Toasting bread with it is a straightforward process of placing the flat base over the flames of your gas camping stove. Slices of regular loaf bread are placed in the toaster racks, which incline slightly over the flames. 
  3. As the heat rises up through the base, it toasts the side of the bread facing inward towards the flame. 
  4. When that side is toasted as dark as you'd like it, simply use a tong to turn each piece of bread around and toast the other side.

It may take a bit of practice to master the amount of heat you need to prevent cooking your toast too quickly and burning it. However, once you find the proper flame setting on your stove, you'll have no problem making perfectly toasted bread time after time. Once the toaster cools down, give a wipe down with a towel to remove any soot or crumbs, and it can be folded to put away. When the stove is not in use, give it a light rub down with oil to prevent rusting.

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