How To Use A Camping Tea Kettle

If you are planning a camping trip, prepare yourself by learning how to use a camping tea kettle. Being in the wilderness does not mean you cannot have a cup of hot coffee or tea. With a few supplies and a camping tea kettle, you are only a few minutes from having a great cup of coffee or tea. You will need a source for heat which can be either a campfire, grill or camp stove. When using a campfire or a grill, the coals should be hot without flames and camp stoves should have a medium flame.

The supplies needed include:

  • camping tea kettle
  • metal grill rack (for open fire)
  • Potholder
  • Water
  • instant coffee or tea
  • optional creamer/sugar.
  1. When using an open fire, allow the fire become minimal with the coals being red hot.
  2. Fill the kettle with cold water approximately one quarter from the top.
  3. Place the metal grill rack over the coals for open fire.
  4. Put the tea kettle on the metal rack of the grill, fire or stove.
  5. In approximately five minutes the water will begin to boil. Easy signs that the water is ready would be a bubbling sound or steam escaping.
  6. Using the potholder remove the camping tea kettle from the heating source and pour over instant coffee or tea bag that has been put into the coffee mug.
  7. Add flavorings of choice and enjoy a great hot beverage.


  • To have fresh brewed coffee when using a camp tea kettle, scoop one tablespoon of ground coffee into a piece of pantyhose, tie both ends and drop into the kettle before adding water. Remove the “filter” when coffee has brewed.
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