How To Use A Casio Running Watch

So you just bought a Casio running watch and now you need to learn about how to use a Casio running watch. Fortunately, Casio makes a very user friendly running watch compared to the computer-like GPS watches made by other manufacturers. Casio makes x running watches, the SSR300S and the WS300; and both are similar to learn how to use. Here are some standard features of these Casio running watches:

In order to learn about how to use a Casio running watch, you will need the following.

  • 15 minutes
  • To know the model of you Casio Running Watch (i.e. STR300S or WS300)
  • Your Casio Running Watch


  1. Setting the Date and Time. To get started, find the display button, located on the right lower corner of your watch. Hit the display button until the faces reads "time." You can now use the adjust button on the upper left side of the watch to scroll through until you reach the desired time and date.
  2. Using the Lap Feature. Both the STR300S and the WS300 Casio running watches have a lap feature. The difference is that the STR can count 150 laps and the WS can count 60. In order to start counting laps, find the start/lap button on the bottom (if your watch is in front of you and you are looking at it directly). Hold this button down for a second or two. Now the face of the watch should blink and then split the times into two displays. The top number will be the total time elapsed and the bottom number will be your specific lap time. If you are doing repeats, hit the lap button again
  3. Using the Audible Pace Signal. Go to the mode button and push it until you see "pace signal" on the display. Stop on the pace signal and it will either have the audible pace signal on or off. If it is off, return to the adjust button to change it to on.
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