How To Use A Chair For Sex

How to use a chair for sex is easy and can be very satisfying to both partners. The positions when using a chair for sex are limited but both parties can benefit from the variety in the relationship. Whether at home or in an office setting, learning how to use a chair for sex will be enjoyed and offers versatility. Depending on the location or circumstances, a recliner, sofa, computer or kitchen chair can be used.

  1. The not so lazy recliner- when experimenting with how to use a chair for sex, using a recliner is a very good choice. The sturdiness of the chair is perfect when the man is seated in the chair, legs relaxed in front of him while his partner faces him. Her knees bent as she straddles him, the woman can use the back of the chair or the man's shoulders for support as she pumps and rides him.
  2. Office chair fun- the sexual rendezvous doesn't necessarily have to be in an office, but having a chair near a desk, or table, is a plus for this position. How to use this chair for sex is to have the man sitting in the chair while his partner settles onto his lap, facing away from him. She rides reverse cowgirl on him and uses the desk or table for support. Just like in the traditional cowgirl position, she has the ability to control the depth especially if her feet are firmly planted on the floor. This position when using a chair for sex isn't as personal but it definitely satisfies both partners.
  3.  How much is that doggie- the woman positions herself either kneeling on the chair, bending over the chair or one leg up on the chair while the man stands behind her for deeper penetration. Any of these three positions are ideal when learning how to use a chair for sex. Partners can experiment with all three rear entrance positions to determine the best.
  4. Traditional seating- with the man seated in the chair, the woman straddles him and uses the back of a kitchen or office chair for support. As she rides him she can use her feet on the floor to push off and her hands bracing the back of the chair for strength. The man has the option to let the woman control the entire sexual scene or he can place his hands on her hips to help her ride. This position when using a chair for sex is ideal for eye contact.
  5. Give the woman a seat- let the woman lay back in the chair as her partner kneels in front of her. While she is using the arms of the chair for support, the man can hoist her legs over his shoulders for deeper penetration. Using an office chair is good for this position especially if the chair's height is adjustable.
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