How To Use Champagne And Strawberries In The Bedroom

Take your lover to new heights of romantic enjoyment by learning how to use champagne and strawberries in the bedroom. Long thought to be a sexual fruit, biting into a red, ripe strawberry can set the stage for romance and pleasure. Washing it down with a glass of champagne will only mark the special occasion. Come along and learn an easy way to impress your lover with champagne and strawberries in the bedroom.

  1. Purchase the best bottle of champagne you can afford. Champagnes can run from the cheapest bottle of $6 or so all the way up to $400 so you have a lot of choices for your particular price point. Don't scrimp on cost, though – a good bottle of champagne can be had for around $30 or $40. Not only will you impress your guest with your selection but better champagne is crisper and tastier all the way around.
  2. Chill the champagne for just three or four hours before opening. Champagne, with its delicate constitution, is best stored in a dark, cool environment in a stable temperature. Fluctuations in temperature will destroy the flavor and bubbles of the spirit. So, chill the champagne to around 45 degrees Fahrenheit for your best sipping pleasure.
  3. Gather two beautiful crystal champagne glasses. The prettier the glass, the better the celebration! If you can find glasses with hollow stems, add just a pinch of sugar to the bottom to really make the champagne bubble.
  4. Place just one, cleaned ripe strawberry in each glass and pour the champagne to the rim. Leaving the strawberry in the glass itself as you toast each other and drink your cocktail will lend the champagne in the bottom of the glass a special flavor. When the glasses are empty, pick up your strawberry and feed it to your lover. Seal the sweet moment with a kiss.


Heat up the romance by throwing some candlelight and soft music into the mix for a really special occasion.

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