How To Use Cheat Engine On Stronghold Crusader

Stronghold Crusader has you warring with several enemy factions, so, if you’re intending to use cheat codes, you’ll need to know how to use cheat engine on Stronghold Crusader.  The cheats to activate the codes are simple enough, but you have to activate cheat codes for use in the game before entering an actual match.

  1. Start the game.  To activate Stronghold Crusader’s cheat codes, you’ll need to activate the cheat engine from the main menu.  Press “Shift+Alt+A” to activate the cheat engine in Stronghold Crusader.  The game should give a sound confirming the engine’s activation.
  2. Load or start a match.  Begin a game or load a current campaign in Stronghold Crusader.  You’ll only be able to use the cheat engine in the game’s single player modes.
  3. Start with increased resources.  Having increased popularity in gold from the start of a match can make your campaign that much easier.  With the cheat engine activated, press “Alt+X” to give yourself 1,000 gold and 100 more popularity.
  4. Decrease the price of upgrades and purchases.  Activating the cheat engine in Stronghold Crusader can also allow you to receive upgrades and purchases for the ever friendly price of free.  Press “Alt+F” to activate this cheat code.
  5. Easily destroy enemy forces.  There are several cheats in Stronghold Crusader that allow you to quickly dispose of your enemy.  If you find the battle and micromanagement of your base to be overwhelming, you may find the cheats useful. Press “Alt+Y” to instantly destroyed any enemies on screen, or press “Alt+K” to instantly destroy an enemy fortress.



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