How To Use Chinese Squat Toilets

Need to learn how to use Chinese squat toilets? Using a Chinese ‘squat’ toilet can be a tricky proposition. Using a squat toilet posses a challenge and could end in a very embarrassing manner. So, let’s examine the use of a Chinese squat toilet in a manner that will hopefully keep you from falling in! Now for males needing to go pee, the squat toilet posses no challenge or concerns, for that reason we will concentrate on the need to sit and go.

What you need when using a Chinese squat toilet:

  • Need to go or a morbid curiosity
  • Toilet paper
  • A squat toilet

How to use a Chinese squat toilet:

  1. Approach the Chinese squat toilet with confidence
  2. Stand over the Chinese squat toilet
  3. make sure you are facing the direction you want, if you need to face the other way, please be sure to step over the Chinese squat toilet.
  4. Lower your pants, or raise your skirt and lower your panties.
  5. Ensure you are stable, feet firmly planted on the floor on either side of the Chinese squat toilet.
  6. Squat being sure to push up on the balls of your feet.
  7. Lean forward slightly, resting your forearms just above your knees.
  8. Keep this sort-of ‘bean’ position while you conduct your business.
  9. Once done, take one hand and grab the toilet paper.
  10. Unroll the desired amount of toilet paper, keeping your forearms just above your knees.
  11. With one hand (your choice) wipe, maintaining your bean posture.
  12. Dispose of toilet paper by simply releasing into the Chinese squat toilet.
  13. Rinse and repeat.
  14. Once done, slowly stand and pull up and secure your pants/skirt and confidently walk away.
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