How To Use Chlorine In Hot Tubs

Learning how to use chlorine in hot tubs is important, as the chlorine acts as an important sanitization measure. Chlorine kills many of the dangerous bacteria that inhabit your hot tub. You can purchase chlorine in granule or tablet form, each of which are simple to use. While chlorine remains one of the most popular hot tub sanitization methods, there are other products available, as well.

Things you'll need:

  • Chosen form of chlorine (tablets or granules)
  1. Following the directions on your chlorine product, add the chlorine to the hot tub's water. Don't add too much or too little, measure to be sure.
  2. Be advised on the frequency you need to add the chlorine. Several times a week is often recommended for regular use, for times of frequent use you need to add more.
  3. Measure the chlorine levels in your hot tub using a test kit, which normally possesses test strips for easy reading. This way you will know where you stand. A minimum of two PPM and maximum of ten PPM are recommended, with three to five PPM being ideal.

You can often purchase chlorine for your hot tub in bulk, saving you time and possibly money. Measure your chlorine levels regularly to ensure your hot tub is safe for you and your guests. You don't want yourself or anyone else getting a disease such as hot tub dermatitis just from partying in your hot tub. Depending on your usage, measure daily or at least a few times per week to kill the bacteria. Keeping your hot tub clean ensures it's always ready for that impromptu hot tub party.

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