How To Use Cigar Rollers

Ever wonder how to use cigar rollers? If you like to smoke cigars, rolling your own smokes with a cigar roller is a great way to save money and reduce your smoking costs. Rolling your own cigar, even with premium tobacco, costs a fraction of what you'd expect to spend on a pre-rolled cigar. A cigar roller is a type of machine that can assist you with your cigar rolling. In addition, cigar rollers are easy and fun to use.

To roll your own cigar you will need:

  • Cigar roller
  • Cigar papers
  • Lose tobacco
  1. Insert the lose tobacco into your cigar roller. Make sure the tobacco is flat and evenly distributed in the cigar roller. You should not have any clumps of tobacco in the cigar roller.
  2. Insert the cigar paper into the cigar roller. Consult your cigar roller's owner's manual for specific instructions about how to insert the paper. This process varies depending upon your specific cigar roller. 
  3. Push the tobacco into the tube of the cigar roller. Hold the cigar roller machine so that the tip from the paper faces up and towards your. 
  4. Rotate the roller. The cigar paper will catch and start to curl around the tobacco. Keep rotating until the cigar paper wraps all the way around the tobacco. It usually takes about three rotations for the cigar paper to wrap completely around the tobacco. 
  5. Open the rollers and carefully remove your cigar. Lightly tap your cigar on a flat service to get rid of any lose tobacco. 



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