How To Use A Cigar Travel Humidor

If you enjoying smoking cigars and going places, then you may be wondering how to use a cigar travel humidor. A humidor should store your cigars at a humidity of 68% to 74%, and a temperature of approximately 65ºF.  Cigar travel humidors come in many shapes and sizes. Features include: legs, trays, protection against your cigars from being crushed, being waterproof, and various finishes. The choice of a good cigar travel humidor and being able to use it correctly are important to the preservation of your cigars.

  1. Determine the correct size humidor to meet your needs.There are many shapes and sizes of cigars. You need to determine how many cigars you wish to bring with you when you travel, and be certain that the travel humidor chosen can accommodate your brand of cigars. It is better to choose a humidor which is too large rather than one that is too small.
  2. Choose a travel humidor that will protect your cigars from being crushed or exposed to excess moisture.  Is the travel cigar you have chosen able to offer crushproof protection for your cigars? Does it contain foam to protect your cigars and a system for adding moisture to the case that will not expose your cigars to direct moisture? Is the seal tight and secure so that the correct humidity is kept inside the case, and excess humidity or moisture cannot enter from the external environment? Be sure that the travel humidor you have chosen offers all of these features in order to keep your cigars safe and stored at the right humidity and temperature.
  3. Choose a travel humidor with a lining that can stand up to the humidity required to keep cigars without warping. Spanish cedar is the most popular and prestigious of linings for upscale humidors. However, some of the more rugged humidors made of modern materials use foam or felt for lining. If you regard your humidor as a luxury item versus simply a utilitarian storage location, then be sure to look for one with Spanish cedar for the lining.
  4. Select a humidor suited to your personal taste and style.  Travel humidors come in a variety of colors and materials from high gloss to fiber-glass reinforced ABS resin. In many ways the presentation of your cigars is as important as assuring their safety and integrity. Be sure that your travel humidor possesses the aesthetic qualities which you find satisfactory.
  5. Make sure that the quality of the travel humidor you have chosen is excellent. Read reviews before buying to see what other customers or periodicals have to say about the product. Check joints, hinges and latches to be sure they are solid. Pay attention to all aspects of the manufacture to assure your cigar humidor is well made. Finally, make sure that your travel humidor comes with a good guarantee.

Follow all of these steps and it should assure that you will obtain what you need to know about how to use a cigar travel humidor. Then you can travel with the peace of mind of knowing that your cigars are protected and secure.

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