How To Use A Climbing Rope Bag

Do you want to know how to use a climbing rope bag? Even thought it's not a necessary piece of equipment, a climbing rope bag is a good way to keep the most important part of your climbing gear (the rope) in good conditions.

Things you'll need:

  • A climbing rope
  • A climbing rope bag
  1. Extend the bag on the floor. It's better to try using your equipment at home where surfaces are clean before you head out to the wild.
  2. Tie one end of the rope to a holding loop on a corner of the climbing rope bag. Although there are different designs, most climbing rope bags have a loop of cord to retain one end of the rope, making the end easier to find when needed.
  3. Coil the rope over the open climbing rope bag, making sure to remove as much dust and water as possible from the rope.
  4. Fold the rope climbing bag tightly, as less volume is going to be easier to carry.
  5. Tighten the straps just enough, as too much pressure might make the rope difficult to uncoil.
  6. To uncoil the rope, find a flat and dry place and open the climbing rope bag completely. The tarp is also a good place to keep other gear while climbing.
  7. Detach one end of the rope from the climbing rope bag and start taking it off, while checking its full length. Look for worn or weak spots that may appear on the rope.
  8. When using the rope at the bottom of a climb, use the open bag as a tarp for protecting the rope while it's being used. This way you reduce the amount of friction and moisture that the rope is exposed to.
  9. Before coiling the rope on the climbing rope bag after use, remove any dust, leaves or water that might have fallen over the tarp.
  10. Never store your rope long term when it is or may be wet or dusty. A drying period of up to four days may be required, depending on weather.
  11. If you will be using your climbing rope bag to store your rope for a long period of time, don't tighten the bag's compression straps, as it may cause the rope to memorize bents.

So remember, the climbing rope is intended to keep your rope dry and clean, so it must be kept dry and clean. Don't hesitate and wash your climbing rope bag every now and then.

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