How To Use A Climbing Tree Stand

It is important for hunters to learn how to use a climbing tree stand.  Tree stands are secured to a tree to give the hunter a better view of the area he is hunting.  Many hunters choose to use a climbing tree stand because it allows the hunter to see over brush and smaller trees which would otherwise hinder the hunter’s view.


  • Climbing tree stand
  • Harness
  • Lineman’s belt                       
  1. Select the right type of tree. The best type of tree for a climbing tree stand is one that is thick.  In other words, you don’t want a tree that gets thinner as you climb upwards.  There should be minimal branches and the bark should be form and easy to grasp.  Also, check the diameter recommendations as stated by the climbing tree stand manufacturer to make sure the tree is within that area.
  2. Learn the parts of the tree stand. A climbing tree stand has two parts: a platform and a set.  The platform and set are held together by a strap.
  3. Hand Climber. The hand climber is the upper part of the climbing tree stand.  Lock this part around the tree trunk.  Tilt it towards the tree at a downward angle. 
  4. Foot Platform. Attach the bottom part of the climbing tree stand to the hand climber.  Tilt that at a downward angle as well.  Tether these two sections together.
  5. Harness. Be sure to put on a full body harness and wrap the lineman’s belt around the tree.
  6. Climbing. Face the tree and place your feet in the foot platform and grab the hand climber, tilting it upwards.  Lean towards the hand climber and jump upwards to raise the foot platform.  Stand up straight and keep repeating the process until the desired height.
  7. At the top.  How high you need to climb depends on your comfort level.  Tree stands range from ten to twenty feet.  You want to be high enough to be able to shoot game animals at the correct angle.  When you reach your desired height, slide the lineman’s belt over your head but do not disconnect the tether from the tree.
  8. Downwards.  Reverse the procedure when you are ready to descend down the tree.


  • Wear boots with non-skid soles.


  • Only make adjustments to the stand with both feet on the ground and not while you are on the stand.
  • Never carry a loaded gun while climbing the tree.
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