How To Use Coleman Camping Stoves

Knowing how to use Coleman camping stoves means knowing how to cook with the most popular line of stoves on the market today. However, the Coleman stove line embraces a wide variety of stoves. Some burn liquid fuel while others use propane. Coleman's backpacking stoves are lightweight single-burner units, while the company's multi-burner stoves are heavy-duty units meant to bring the convenience of kitchen cooking to the campground. However, all Coleman stoves share some general principles and by adhering to some general principles, you can figure out how to operate any stove in the Coleman product line.

To use a Coleman camping Stove you will need:

  • Matching fuel (kerosene, unleaded gasoline, propane, etc.)
  • Matches (for stoves without automatic starters)
  1. Turn the burner knob(s) to "Off." If you have a multi-burner Coleman camping stove, there will be one of these knobs for each stove burner. In the case of a single-burner stove, skip to step two.
  2. Turn the fuel knob to "Off." In single-burner Coleman stoves, the burner knob and the fuel knob are one and the same, while multi-burner stoves have a separate master fuel control knob. In either case, this is always located directly above the fuel tank or bottle.
  3. Check the stove's fuel status. With liquid fuel stoves, like the types that burn kerosene or Coleman Liquid Fuel, this is a simple matter of unscrewing the tank cap and taking a look inside. Propane stoves are fueled from a detachable bottle. To check these, thump the side of the bottle with your hand. If the bottle gives off a deep echo, it is empty or very nearly so.
  4. Resupply the stove with fuel if necessary. For a liquid fuel stove, pour more fuel into the tank just as you would with a lawnmower or ATV. For a propane stoves, first remove the cap from the propane bottle or tank. Then screw the bottle into the nozzle on the bottom of the stove or at the end of the stove's fuel pipe.
  5. Set the stove up in a suitable area. Place the stove in an area of the campsite that has a flat, stable surface with at least some protection from the wind and clear the area of twigs, dry leaves and other flammable debris.
  6. Light your Coleman camping stove. Turn the fuel knob to on and turn it all the way. For multi-burner stoves, select a burner and do the same with that burner knob. Some stoves have an electrical igniter and in that case, push the button to ignite the burner. If your Coleman stove does not have an electrical auto-igniter, light a match and hold it directly over the burner as you turn the knobs to "On."
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