How To Use Contraceptive Foam

Learn about how to use contraceptive foam correctly–that’s if you want to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. If you choose to use contraceptive foam it will not protect against sexually transmitted diseases, you will need to use a condom as well. When you purchase the foam there will be a convenient easy to use applicator inside of the box. Even though there are some brands of foam that don’t require and applicator. Whatever her preference is, the applicator is more convenient causing less mess. The applicator can be used again after being thoroughly washed with antibacterial soap and warm water.

What you will need:

  • Contraceptive foam
  • Applicator/or without
  • Quiet spot
  1.  The can the contraceptive foam is in needs to be shaken thoroughly. Just like when you use mousse for your hair, if you don’t shake it up good before you quirt it out, it will be watery. You want the contraceptive foam to be thick when it shoots inside of the vagina or it will just run back out not giving much protection. So give it at least ten good shakes.

  2. The correct position she needs to be in when using the contraceptive foam. She can stand up put one foot on the toilet and lean forward to comfortably slide the applicator inside of the vagina, but it is easier to slide the applicator inside the vagina while lying on your back flat on the floor.

  3.  Check the instructions that came with the little kit. You want to find out the correct amount of contraceptive foam to use. Some require just one full application, while others require two applications. After you have fill-up the applicator insert it gently inside of the vagina as close to the cervix as possible, push pump on applicator so the foam will go inside the vagina.

  4. The contraceptive foam is most effective when having intercourse right after applying foam. Avoid any other activities such as jogging and chores to prevent the foam from running out. The instructions will inform you on how long you can wait before having intercourse, before the foam starts to lose it’s effectiveness.   

  5. Douching after intercourse is not advised. The contraceptive foam will still be working after intercourse and you don’t want to wash it out of you causing sperm to remain inside of the vagina. 


  • You should have a quiet place to apply the foam. The bathroom would be the best place to use contraceptive foam. You will be able to clean up any mess made from the sticky residue, once you are done.

The contraceptive foam is easy to use apply and it only takes a few minutes to use. Just make sure the necessary precautions are taking to make the contraceptive foam most effective.



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