How To Use The Corasant Jedi Academy Mod In KOTOR 2 Sith Lords

If you own "Knights of the Republic 2: the Sith Lords”, you should know how to use the Coruscant Jedi Academy mod in "KOTOR 2 Sith Lords". This is a process that takes some knowledge of working with computer documents and editing specific files, but if you know the most basic computer process and terminology, you should be able to accomplish adding of Coruscant to "KOTOR 2" without too much hassle.

  1. Start by making sure you have a file unzip program such as winrar or winzip. This is absolutely necessary to open the files that you have to download to run the Jedi Academy mod in “KOTOR 2 : the Sith Lords.” You can find free versions of these programs all over the internet that will be able to do everything necessary to get the Jedi Academy mod installed.
  2. Download the Coruscant Jedi Academy mod from This version of the “KOTOR 2 Sith Lords” mod has been proven to work and will get the latest version of the mod with many of the bugs worked out. Download the Jedi Academy mod and open it in whichever file zip program you have.
  3. Run the installer that can be located in the list of files that you downloaded from file front. This is what is going to put the Coruscant Jedi Academy mod into your copy of “KOTOR 2 the Sith Lords". When it asks for a directory you want it played into, choose e:/programfiles/Lucasarts/SWKotOR2 as the location.
  4. You can now fly to the Coruscant Jedi temple in your copy of “KOTOR 2 the Sith Lords.” The new planet will be located on the galaxy map, just look for the planet you never noticed before! You can now visit the newly added Coruscant Jedi Temple in "Kotor 2".
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