How To Use Coupons On Amazon

Learning how to use coupons on Amazon can make it possible for you to save significant amounts of money at one of the world's largest online retailers. When combined with Amazon's already low prices and on-going Free Super Saver Shipping promotion, the knowledge of how to use coupons on Amazon allows you to score almost any product imaginable at an even more affordable price.

  1. Find coupons that work for you. Using your favorite online search engine, do a search for "Amazon coupons" or "Amazon electronics coupons" (replace "electronics" with whatever category you're interested in). Sometimes Amazon also sends coupons to regular customers via email, so read any messages they send your way. If you can't find the coupon you need, don't be discouraged. Using coupons on Amazon takes a bit of patience because sometimes the coupons simply aren't available.
  2. Sign up for the credit card. Amazon credit card customers are often sent coupons and gift certificates as a reward for using the credit card. Sometimes they are sent out just for signing up. Either way, having the credit card is one of the easiest ways to make sure you receive all the best coupons and promotions.
  3. Find the items you're looking for. Go to and search for the products you are looking for. Once you've found them, add them to your shopping cart. If you have activated your "Pay Phrase" or "One-Click Ordering," do not use them this time. In order to use coupons on Amazon you need to check out manually.
  4. Start the checkout process. Remember, don't use your "Pay Phrase" or "One-Click Ordering" if you want to use coupons on Amazon. Go to your shopping cart and click the button labeled "Continue to Checkout." Make sure you are logged in or create a new account. Once you get to the final order page where you fill in shipping and payment information, you will see a box on the lower right hand side that says, "Have any gift cards, gift certificates or promotional claim codes?" Under that, there is a box. See it? Great!
  5. Enter your promo codes. To use coupons on Amazon, they must be entered into the box you located in the last step one at a time. Simply enter one code and click "Apply." If you have more than one promotional coupon, add them in separately, clicking "Apply" between each coupon. Although you may be allowed to enter numerous coupons on Amazon, you may not be able to use them all on the same order because some may not be combined with any other offer.
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