How to Use Cruise Control on a Toyota

This is how to use cruise control on a Toyota. Using cruise control can greatly increase driver comfort on your Toyota. Reduce leg strain by learning how to use your cruise control on long distance trips.

Constantly modulating the accelerator pedal on long drives can cause fatigue and decreased driver comfort. Here are the following steps you will need to follow to take advantage of your Toyota cruise control.

  1. Assess traffic. Be sure that the traffic ahead is moving at a constant pace. Setting your cruise control in stop and go traffic will not be beneficial. 
  2. Bring your Toyota to the desired speed. Manually bring the vehicle to speed using the accelerator pedal. 
  3. Engage the cruise control system. On the right side of the driver steering wheel, locate the cruise control lever. Press the button on the side of the cruise control stalk (labeled On-Off) to turn the system on. Pull down on the lever once to set the speed.
  4. Turn off the system. If you need to turn the system off, you will need to press the button on the side of the cruise control stalk again. If you only need to momentarily turn off cruise control, simply press on the brake pedal. This is useful in case your Toyota is coming to close to the vehicle in front of you.


The speed of the vehicle may vary a few miles depending on road elevation. Be sure you are fully paying attention while driving with your Toyota cruise control system on.



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