How To Use Delay To Make Guitar Playing Sound Faster

If you want to use delay to make guitar playing sound faster, you will need a delay unit or pedal. Bands like Pink Floyd are known for their many talents at using delay to create such effects. Delay has many uses, and you will find that once you know how to use a delay component, you can make all kinds of great sounds.

To use delay to make your guitar playing sound faster, you will need:

  • A guitar
  • A delay pedal or an effects processor with delay
  • Cables to run your guitar to your delay mechanism of choice and out of the delay to your speakers or mixer
  1. Play your guitar part that you want to sound faster
  2. Adjust your delay settings. Delay processors often will let you tap in a beat and the delay will sound according to the beat you assigned to it. If you want a faster delay, tap your delay effects processor double time to the rhythm of the guitar playing you are using. If you want it even faster, tap three times of more to the beat until you reach the desired effect.
  3. You can choose slap-back delay. This setting will make your guitar strumming have immediate "slap back" effects where it sounds like you are playing your guitar notes twice in rapid succession.
  4. If you do not have the option of physically putting in a rhythm with a button or foot switch, you can dial in the timing of the delay on your effects processor. This takes more time to master, but with practice you can achieve the desired effect.
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