How To Use A Digital Multimeter

Learning how to use a digital multimeter is essential for anyone with a strong interest in electronics. Using a digital multimeter can help you pinpoint problems on a motherboard, locate blown capacitors in everyday electronics and even test a power supply. There are many different uses for a digital multimeter and learning how to use a digital multimeter will enable you to capitalize on the many functions. Digital multimeters are common and can be found at many department stores, electronic stores, tool stores and even automotive stores.

  1. Set the digital multimeter. Determine the correct setting for your application and set the digital multimeter according. Select from the Volts, Amps or Ohms/Resistance function. If you are unsure which voltage to select, always select the maximum voltage on your digital multimeter to be safe.
  2. Connect the probes. Connect the probes according to the type of measurement being taken with the digital multimeter.
  3. Measure Ohms/Resistance. Measuring Ohms/Resistance will required you to connect the black probe to the jack marked "-" or "common" on your digital multimeter. Connect the red probe to the "Ohms Symbol" or "R" on your digital multimeter. Measure resistance by placing the two probes on the contact points of the object.
  4. Measure Voltage. Set the meter to the highest available option for "AC Volts". Insert the black probe into the "-" or "common" jack on your digital multimeter. Insert the red probe into the "+" or "V" jack on your digital multimeter. You can now test the voltage with the multimeter. Practice by checking the voltage of a local household electrical socket.
  5. Measure Amps. Set the meter to either the highest available AC or DC voltage. Insert the black probe into the "-" or "common" jack. Insert the red probe into the "A" jack. Shut off all power to the circuit you are measuring and open the portion of the circuit that you wish to test with your digital multimeter.

Tips: For specific information on your digital meter, consult the user manual. Always set the meter to the maximum voltage before measuring an unknown power source. Remember to be careful with electricity.

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