How To Use Dog Grooming Dryers

If it takes too long to dry your dog with a human dryer, maybe it’s time to learn how to use dog grooming dryers instead. Specially designed to accommodate the needs of pets, dog grooming dryers distribute air powerfully for quick drying and offer you several heat and fan settings. In addition, you can use dog grooming dryers on a timer setting and leave your dog to dry while you are doing something else. Here’s how to use dog grooming dryers for cages, on grooming tables or anywhere that suits you.

What you’ll need:

  • Towel
  • A crate or dog cage if you’re using a cage dryer
  • Dog grooming table if you’re using a stand dryer
  1. Cage dryers for dog grooming. To use dog grooming dryers that fit outside the dog cage or crate, begin by spreading a towel in the cage and making sure the dog is comfortable before you shut the cage door. Next, select the appropriate dryer setting on the portable cage dryer. Use low or high fan depending on the amount of air you want forced through the dryer. Use high, low, or no heat setting depending on the temperature in the room where you will be using the dog grooming dryer. Be sure to set the timer to protect your dog from over-heating or getting dehydrated. For warm days, you can use dog grooming dryers on no heat and high fan. For cooler days, use high heat but low fan. Position the fan so that it blows air high enough to enable even circulation within the cage.
  2. Stand dryers for dog grooming. To use dog grooming dryers that come on a standing, elongated arm, position the dyer beside the dog grooming table to afford you easy access all around the dog. Cover the grooming table with a towel and make sure the dog is lying down comfortably. Turn on the dryer away from the dog to slowly accustom him to the noise. Choose a no heat or low heat setting at first, then add heat if desired. Be aware, however, that using dog grooming dryers on heat settings will dry the dog’s skin and fur and can scold if used for too long on one area. If selecting no heat or low heat, you can leave your dog with the stand dryer on him and return in 5 minutes to turn the dog over to his other side. For high heat, be sure to stay with the dog and move the dryer nozzle around. Place your hand beneath the dryer to determine how long the nozzle can stay in one place before it scolds.
  3. Hand-held dryers for dog grooming. To use dog grooming dryers that you hold in your hand place your dog in a comfortable position on a towel covered bed or couch and allow him to get used to the sound and air pressure of the dog grooming dryer before you begin grooming. Select high heat at first for quick drying of the outer coat, and brush your fingers through the fur to assist the air flow in reaching the roots. Switch to low heat when the outer coat begins to feel dry and keep moving the dryer nozzle around your dog’s body.
  4. Avoid eyes and ears. When using all types of dog grooming dryers be sure to keep the air flow from the dog’s eyes, ears and nose. Air will dry and irritate these areas, causing the dog discomfort. For cage and stand dryers that are set in a fixed position, be especially careful with setting the dryer low enough not to blow in the dog’s face.
  5. Help the dog relax. Depending on how skittish the dog is, opt for higher heat settings but lower fan settings when using dog grooming dryers, as this will reduce noise and air velocity that may frighten the dog. When using a timer, always choose a shorter time for higher heat settings to avoid over-drying the dog.
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