How To Use A Double Blade Cigar Cutter

For the new tobacco aficionado, knowing how to use a double blade cigar cutter is a must. A double blade cigar cutter is a dual-edged chopping instrument that is not unlike your standard pair of scissors. The difference is that a double blade cigar cutter has a hole specifically designed for your stogy.

  1. Buy a good cigar. You can't use a double blade cigar cutter if the roll you're trying to slice is already falling apart. Your stogy should be intact, rolled tight, and not too strong on flavor (unless you're already an expert tobacco smoker).
  2. Don't use teeth. Unless your double blade cigar cutter isn't anywhere around, don't use your teeth to bite down and cut the thing. Seriously, even a pair of scissors is much better than teeth. The general rule is, if the cigar is worth more than $5, don't bite on it.
  3. Cut slightly low. You want to get rid of as little of the cigar as possible. Your double blade cigar cutter should be 1/8 of an inch down the roll. Position the guillotine vertically straight, and make a quick slice through the several layers of your cig. Put pressure on both sides of the double blade cigar cutter to make it cut.
  4. Slice through the cone. The tip of your cigar should have a cone at the end. Chop into the middle of the cone with your double blade cigar cutter, but definitely not past. Cutting into the roll itself can cause the wrapping to unravel and ruin the whole thing.
  5. Buy a humidor. Cigars are best cut when they are kept in optimal temperatures, such as those in a humidor. The boxes can be pricey, so don't be fooled into buying a high-line one (especially if you're a novice).

Hopefully, with some practice, you too can use a double blade cigar cutter with no problems. A double blade cigar cutter is a premier token for chopping your tobacco. Carry one around when you have a stogy on hand (or dread using those pearly whites of yours).

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