How To Use A Dumpling Machine

Learning how to use a dumpling machine is actually much easier than many people would think. Following all the instructions carefully ensures getting huge amounts of the desired type of dumplings in very little time. Throwing parties on weekends, arranging lunches at home and preparing perfect little give away gifts at gatherings is much easier now, thanks to the modern dumpling machines. Just follow the simple steps given below and enjoy the treat. In order to get a flawless service, select the AFP 601-Automatic Perogi and Dumpling Machine. You will be amazed with the results.

What you need:

  • A Dumpling machine (AFP 601-Automatic Perogi and Dumpling Machine)
  • Dough
  • Fill
  • Operator
  1. Turn the “Power” on. Switch on the “Power” supply and push the “Start” button to turn the machine on.
  2. Adjust the settings. Select spot depositing under the “Fill Mode”. This is a very crucial step and must never be skipped. A LCD screen shows the “Fill amount”. Monitor the amount carefully to ensure good results. The “Fill Pump Speed” is controlled by a variable speed motor. Set the speed to the desired value. Another variable speed motor takes care of the “Dough Sheet Speed”. Turning the valve clockwise increases the speed and turning anticlockwise reduces the speed. Set the speed to a medium value. The “Fill Position” is monitored with the help of another LCD screen.
  3. Add the filling. After all the necessary adjustments are made, the filling is carefully added to the filling hopper, according to the amount specified earlier.
  4. Add the dough. Then the start button is pushed on and dough is placed in the dough hopper.
  5. Roll the dough. The dough is flattened by the machine using automatic rollers until it attains a certain thickness.
  6. Fold the dough. The flattened dough is then folded by the machine. The operator helps by adjusting dough by hand to ensure that dough is folded neatly and symmetrically on both sides.
  7. Spot deposit the fill. The “Fill” button is then pushed on. As per adjustment, the fill is deposited at equidistant locations and is simultaneously covered with the dough to produce sealed dumplings.
  8. Carry out die cutting. The dumplings are not yet ready. As they pass through a die, it cuts them according to the desired shapes and in individual pieces.
  9. Re-use the extra material. The extra dough sheet is simultaneously collected and fed into the machine to be used again. This ensures that there is no wastage of raw materials.
  10. There are many benefits involved. If all instructions are followed correctly, the machine can be used to produce up to 4,000 pieces of dumplings per hour. Another plus point is that different types of dies can be engaged to yield dumplings of different shapes.
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