How To Use E-mails To Negotiate New Car Price

Knowing how to use emails to negotiate a new car price can be very beneficial. It is also a time-saver because you don't have to go from dealer to dealer to try to negotiate the best price. Email also gives you the opportunity to sit quietly at home and compare the various offerings against each other without having a salesman breathing down your neck at a dealership.

  1. The best free online source, and the most used, to get the needed information is Edmunds. You just need to enter the make, model and style of the car you want, request a "Price with Options," and print out the page.
  2. The best idea is to go to one or more dealership and drive the new car beforehand. Be sure to insist on only a test drive and no negotiations. 
  3. Next is finding out the holdback. This is a rebate paid directly to the dealer by the manufacturer.
  4. Locate any advertised rebates, promotional bonus cash or dealer incentives paid by the factory. These can amount to thousands of dollars. Since these tend to change on a monthly basis, it is important to use a source with the latest information.
  5. Another good online company with the same information is Yahoo Autos. They are known to send you to dealer's located near you who will give you a quote on a new car without any hassles.
  6. Now you are ready to get some email quotes from dealers that you would like to work with and who have the car you are most interested in. Give very specific details as to the new car and all desired features.
  7. Most car dealerships have an "internet salesperson" that realizes that you have done your homework. They will have the necessary back-up material to make an intelligent transaction.
  8. Ask for the quote to be sent back to you online so that you will be able to print it out and compare it to others. It may take several emails back and forth and some "if you have the lowest price, I'm ready to buy now" emails to several dealers before you get a quote in the range that you want. Since you are doing this online and are not subject to the "hard sell" techniques used at the dealership, and since they realize that you can easily go to a competitor, you are more apt to get a better quote. Do not go to the dealership until you have everything pre-arranged via email.

Using emails to negotiate a new car price is time-consuming but well worth the final result, which should end up being several thousand dollars less than what you would have paid if you just strolled into a dealership for a new car.

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