How To Use Erotic Massage Oils

Knowing how to use erotic massage oils can add a new dimension to your bedroom techniques. Massage is soothing, allowing both the masseuse and the recipient to relax and become more comfortable with one another's bodies, while also heightening the sexual tension. The erotic massage oil provides lubrication for your erotic massage and can also be nourishing for the skin. It's best not to use cheap fragrance oils; the low quality ingredients used can become sticky, reducing the lubrication, or can even cause skin reactions and clog pores. So which erotic massage oils are best?

  1. The best erotic massage oils are cold-pressed pure vegetable oils. Almond oil is often recommended as it spreads well and has a very light scent that's not overpowering. Other choices are olive oil, sunflower oil and sesame seed oil, or a combination. These oils are generally considered base oils, and while they work very well on their own, they can also be combined with other essential oils to add a more sensual aroma. Lavender is a great choice of scent to add to your erotic massage oil because the aroma is very soothing and relaxing.
  2. To use erotic massage oils, you should first make sure that you have a relaxing environment. You may want to play soft music and lights some candles. Place the tightly capped bottle of oil in a bowl of hot water to gently warm it. Your partner can lay face down on the bed; you may wish to put a large towel over the sheets to protect them from oil.
  3. When the oil is warm, pour a small amount into your hands, then rub your hands together to get plenty of oil on both hands. Begin massaging your partner's feet first, working up the ankles and calves to the back of the thighs and buttock. Add more oil as necessary. Then, have your partner turn over on to their back, and repeat, working from the feet up to the stomach and chest, before moving back down to the genitals. This way, you're moving the blood flow towards the genitals, increasing sexual desire.
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