How To Use Exercise Bands

Learning how to use exercise bands can be an excellent addition to your workout routine. An exercise band, or resistance band, is a  rubber tubing or flat band used for strength training. When you use these bands your body encounters a resistance that is greater than normal.

  1. Exercise bands are easy to use and carry. If you travel a lot, pop them into your suitcase and do exercises in your hotel room.
  2. If you are watching your budget, exercise bands are the answer. They are quite inexpensive and usually range from only six to twenty dollars. The cost depends on where you buy them, how many you get and whether you get just a flat band or one with handles.
  3. Bands can be used for all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced exercisers. Basic moves or more intense moves can be worked into your routine.
  4. You can increase the difficulty in several ways. These include the choice of band, resisting the motion and returning the band slowly, shortening it, anchoring it differently and other ways. The bands can have their tension and resistance level varied to make exercises harder.
  5. Exercise bands allow performance of exercises that you cannot do with free weights. You can find a variety of helpful exercises for different parts of the body using exercise bands at the link below. The workouts are detailed there to make it easy for you to follow them. As little as ten to twenty minutes only twice a week is all that is required to build and then maintain endurance and muscular strength.
  6. Exercise bands give a constant tension. This makes the resistance feel harder, and you can create resistance from all directions. You get a good workout because the fibers in your muscles don't know the difference between free weights and exercise bands. You can stand on the band, you can put it around a doorknob, you can wrap the band around a pole or tie it to the back of a chair, etc. There are endless ways to use an exercise band and vary your exercises.
  7. Using the band helps to stabilize your body. It requires coordination, balance and the use of other muscle groups. If you are trying to regain strength in an area that has been injured, it is best to have the way you use these bands approved by a physical therapist or healthcare practitioner.
  8. Exercise bands are made of high-quality rubber that is made to be tear resistant. Still, they do require care and usage instructions, such as not using them on abrasive surfaces, not stretching them past the recommended maximum length, etc. The bands can last for six months to a few years with normal home use.
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