How To Use Eye Contact For Attraction

Learning how to use eye contact for attraction is essential in catching a woman. Creating eye contact is your first line of attraction. Without the proper eye contact, there's a great chance she'd never know you were interested. Creating the right kind of eye contact is very precise. If you don't look at her long enough she'll never know you're interested. If you make eye contact for too long, she'll think you're some sore of pervert. The proper eye contact is accompanied by certain body language and subtle actions. If you're ready to get going. let's have at it. Here's how you use eye contact for attracting the ladies.

  1. Get her to look. You use a quick glance to determine if you like what you see. A quick glance, however, is not enough to send her the message that you're checking her out. As a matter of fact, you don't want her to know you're checking her out until you know she's glancing at you. So, you got to get her to notice you. Don't do something grand. Just be yourself. Simply walk by her at a steady pace. Give her enough time to get a good look at you. Now, you need to determine if she's checking you out or just glancing over you. If she's fixed on you then you're in. If she looks you up and down then turns away, you're better off moving on.
  2. You're timing. Your eye contact is all about timing. After you're certain that she's checking you out, it's time to look her way. The trick is to look at her while you continue what you're doing. If you're walking by, let her catch your eye while you continue walking. If you're say, shooting pool or something, simply look up and lock eyes with her. Don't do it for too long. You don't want to seem like a weirdo. There's a real art to this move. You want her to think that she was an invited interruption to what you were doing. Feel free to look in her direction again. If she's still looking, then you got her. Just make sure she's looking at you and not the fool behind you. Here's a quick test. Make a second attempt to lock eyes. If you think you guys have connected again give her a simple smile. If she's looking at you she'll smile back.
  3. Your body language. When you make that eye contact, you want to have a slight pause with whatever you're doing. You want her to notice that pause. Even if someone walks through your view, keep your eyes in her area. If you're willing to stop what you're doing while peering into her eyes it shows you're interested. It also shows that her presence caught your eye which can be very flattering. When you approach her, feel free to break that eye contact. You've already indicated to her that you have an interest. Make her wonder whether or not you're coming over to her. When you show up next to her, it's all about your conversational game. Good luck.
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