How To Use Female Sex Toys

With all of the colors, sizes and varieties, knowing how to use female sex toys can be a little intimidating the first time. If you think of the function of a female sex toy–to get women off–or assist in sexual foreplay, it shouldn't be so intimidating. The basic function is achieving orgasm and the basic components consist of a women's vagina, clitoris, g-spot and anus. Some sex toys are designed specifically for g-spot stimulation, anal play, the clitoris, vaginal penetration, or a combination of these.

  1. Add Batteries Most female sex toy vibrators operate on AA batteries. Some use electricity and a plug in, but for the most part, check to see if the batteries are good and ready to go. Then simply toggle the on/off switch.
  2. Lube it Up Using lube is optional, depending on how wet and aroused she already is. If the female sex toy is anal beads, however, lubrication is a must. Anything involving anal should be properly lubricated.
  3. Thrust  Whether you are using a dildo, or vibrator, female sex toys are like a foreign extension to your finger. Picturing female sex toy play like you would fingering a woman makes the process a little less daunting. Thrust the vibrator or dildo in and out in repeated rhythmic motion.
  4. Don't Ignore the Clitoris The clitoris is important in achieving female orgasm. When using female sex toys that vibrate, concentrate the vibrator on the clitoris itself and watch her squirm. If you're using a dildo for vaginal penetration, add your fingers into the mix by massaging her clitoris.
  5. Clean up Cleaning up female sex toys after, and before use is required to prevent infection and spread of disease. Wash female sex toys thoroughly with warm water and anti bacterial soap.
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