How To Use Feng Shui To Get A Job

Want to know how to use feng shui to get a job? Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) is an ancient Chinese philosophy that can be used to help get a job. In theory Feng Shui is a combination of knowledge from astronomy (heaven) and geography (earth) to achieve positive energy and thus create positive changes and occurrences in a person’s life. There are certain rules in Feng Shui that when followed create a harmonious environment that is balanced.

  1. Understand What Makes Positive Chi in Feng Shui. The purpose is to create a flow of energy or Chi throughout the home; this is obtained in the obvious way by keeping away clutter, and keeping the home clean of dust, cobwebs and dirt. Clutter slows down chi in theory, so to have balance a person needs to only have as much stuff in their home as the home can hold comfortably, otherwise consider renting a storage locker, having a garage sale or donating some items.
  2. The Colors of Feng Shui to Help Find a Job. There are also certain colors and elements that are associated with the desired element. Cool colors plus black are the yin and warm colors plus white are the yang, which are the two opposite energy forces. Things that are considered calming are yin, and things that are full of exuberance would be considered yang. So in the case of getting a job, colors associated with power (white), money (black), and career (brown) would be of focus. Red is also considered to be a good luck color.
  3.  The Bagua and Determining Where the Guas are in Your Home. In Feng Shui, everything revolves around the Bagua. There are nine sections or “guas” and they each represent an area of life: "Skills & Knowledge", "Career",  "Helpful People", "Family", "Health",  "Children & Creativity", "Prosperity", "Fame & Reputation", "Love & Relationships". You can determine these sections in your own home by dividing your home into 9 areas. Health can be a larger area, but, otherwise, the sections should be of equal size for ease of sectioning them off in your mind to separate them. The "Career" section should be the middle of the house which is typically: the front door. The area to the left of the "Career" section,  if you are facing your house, is typically considered the "Skills and Knowledge" area, and the right side of the "Career" section is helpful people. Travel forward in your home from your front door and the next area should be the heart of your home and will be known as the "Health" section. To the left of this is "Family" and to the right is "Creativity and Children". Preceding the final section of your house, the center is "Fame and Reputation" and to the left is "Prosperity and Abundance", and, finally, to the right is "Relationships".
  4.  Each room can be further divided with this same design. If you want to really increase your odds, take the bagua and separate each room accordingly and highlight the main areas that are targeted for obtaining a job by filling them with the colors of the elements you seek to enhance.
  5.  Target Areas for Obtaining a Job. To obtain a Job with Feng Shui you want to target three to four areas, "Career", "Helpful People", "Skills & Knowledge" and "Prosperity" because all of these elements are part of finding a good job.
  6.  Make Sure Positive Chi if flowing in the Career gua. All of these areas should be clean, clear of debris, dead plants or anything broken,including light bulbs that have gone out.
  7. Add life and Water to help obtain a Job with Feng Shui. Place a plant and a vase that has water in it in the career area for positive chi. Use the colors black, blue, white, purple, silver and grey within the career center and the other three areas if you wish.
  8.  Paint your front door red. This in Feng Shui is considered lucky and this doubles your luck for your career if they fall into the same location.
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