How To Use Franklin Chef Rotisserie

Knowing how to use Franklin Chef Rotisserie can result in some easy and delicious meals. The Franklin Chef Rotisserie combines a convection oven with rotisserie bar for making meats that turn on a spit to evenly cook the food. Learning some easy techniques and recipes for the rotisserie will get you started.

  1. Use the rotisserie spit to roast larger cuts of meat. It works well with items such as a whole chicken, pork loin, or beef roast. Simply insert the skewers from each end of the piece of meat and then fix the skewers onto the end of the spit, tightening the thumb screws. Then set the spit into the oven. Insert the right side and then the left.
  2. Be sure the baking pan is inside the oven before beginning to cook on the rotisserie. The baking pan will catch any dripping from the meat. These keep the drippings off of the lower heating elements. The drippings can be used to make a sauce or gravy.
  3. Spray the oven, spit and baking pan with nonstick spray. Do this is before you begin cooking with the rotisserie to make cleanup easier at the end. Be sure to wash off all of the spray when washing the spit and pan.
  4. Place a few cups of water in the baking pan. This will cut down on smoking and splattering. The cleanup of the pan will also be easier.
  5. Avoid opening the door of the rotisserie oven. Heat is lost whenever the door is open and can result in a longer cooking time. Franklin Chef Rotisserie has a glass door that allows you to check on the food.
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