How To Use Gas Powered Golf Carts

Learning how to use gas powered golf carts is just one of the things that can make golfing all that much more fun. These types of golf carts tend to stand out because most of them are battery powered. The gas powered version even tends to have more power than the battery powered one.'

You will need the items below to learn how to use this item:

  • Gas powered golf cart
  • Gasoline
  • Keys to golf cart
  1. Fill the gas tank. The last thing that you want to happen is for your golf cart to run out of gas in the middle of the golf course. Not only will it put a crimp in your concentration, but probably isn't going to make other golfers very happy either. Fill the tank to the top before going anywhere.
  2. Load the cart. Place all the items you need in your golf cart. This might include your clubs, balls, towel, cooler and anything else you might want to take with you.
  3. Make sure everyone is in. Never even start any type of motorized vehicle unless everyone is safely seated and secure. Make sure everyone is in the cart before you start it.
  4. Start the golf cart. Depress the brake and make sure the golf cart is in neutral. Turn the key to start the golf cart. Like any other gas powered piece of equipment, you may need to prime this one. To prime the motor, simply pull the choke out. If there is no choke then you may not need to do this. Turn the key to start the cart.
  5. Drive safely. Golf carts, unlike cars, generally only have 3 or 4 gears, including drive, neutral and reverse. There will either be a park brake or a parking gear. Be sure to depress your brake before changing gears. Put the cart in drive (or forward) to go forward. Put the cart in reverse to back up. Slowly release the brake as you depress the gas. Some carts will shut down if the brake is not depressed and you attempt to change gears. 
  6. Shut the cart off. When you come to the location you need to stop at, such as a tee, make sure to shut the golf cart off. To do this, depress the brake and put the cart in neutral before setting the park brake or put the cart in park if that is an option. This will save you gas and save the environment from pollution. Once the cart has been running for a while you will not need to prime it to get it to start again.
  7. Park the cart. When you're done with the golf cart, be sure to park it in a safe place. Once again, depress the brake and put the cart in neutral or park and remove the keys after turning the cart off.
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