How To Use Golf Cart Chargers

Here are instructions on how to use golf cart chargers. Golf cart chargers are need if you want to keep your electric cart running. It could be bad business if you do not know how to use the golf cart chargers. The process is pretty simple, so follow these instructions to begin charging your golf cart:

  1. Check the golf cart battery. Before you begin the charging process, you will need to check your golf cart battery. If it is not leaking with any debris on it, then it is safe for you to begin charging your golf cart. Please note that if your battery is leaking, then rid of it immediately and replace the battery. Also, golf cart batteries could only last for up to a few months.
  2. Tighten the battery vent cover. It is important to make sure that the battery's vent covers are tight. If they do not seem to be tight, then you would have to buy some new ones. Do not attempt to charge the golf cart without the vent covers being tight.
  3. Plug the charger into a socket. The charger will not charge your golf cart without any power. You would need to use a wall outlet that is in reach of the golf cart. If none are visible, then you may have to move the golf cart elsewhere.
  4. Connect the golf cart charger to the battery. Begin attaching the charger to the battery's vent covers. Make sure that it is securely fit. If so, move on to step five.
  5. Wait for a full charge. It can take up to eight to twelve hours for a golf cart charger to fully charge. Check in a few times to make sure that the lead on the battery is subsided. If not, then fill it with water.
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