How To Use Gymnastics Tumbling Mat

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn about how to use gymnastics tumbling mats. Gymnastics tumbling mats are not only an essential piece of gymnastics equipment from a safety point of view, but are also important in providing piece of mind for young athletes who depend on the mats to break their falls. For best results, gymnastics mats should be of a high quality and as thick as possible in order to prevent any potential injury. For best result, the mats should be relatively large, in order to cover a substantial amount of surface area.

  1. Place the gymnastics mats in areas where students will be working on floor routines. Having a gymnastics mat handy is essential, especially as students learn how to perform flips, somersaults, and other gymnastics maneuvers.
  2. Place the gymnastics mats in areas where students will be using the high bars. This is another essential location where mats should be placed in order to prevent potential injury. Make sure the mats are not only directly below the bars, but also surround them with a large border in case students get slightly out of control.
  3. Place the gymnastics mat at the end of the runway, where students will be practicing the vault. This is especially important for those who are new to using this piece of equipment, or those who are learning  a new technique. Be sure that the mat is large enough to cover a large surface area. In addition, the mat should be thick enough to protect against injuries during falls.
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