How To Use A Hand Held Body Massager

Learning how to use a hand held body massager is simple. Hand held massagers were created to make the whole massaging process a lot easier. Using hand held massagers is all about playing with the thing. Most of those hand held body massagers have multiple settings. They also have random speeds and pulses to choose from. Hell, some of those new fangled body massagers even have pre set massaging programs built in. Just a push of a button and your muscles can feel almost instantaneous relief. For those of you that don't like playing with appliances, check out these tips. Here's how to use a hand held body massager.

  1. Push all of the buttons. In order to get a feel for how the hand held body massager works, you're going to have to play with it. Try out all of the settings and their variations. Try out the pre set massaging programs. If the hand held body massager comes with added parts, try those parts out as well. It's all about experimentation with one of these things.
  2. Try the body massager on different body parts. Certain muscle groups will respond better to certain massaging combinations. After you've figured out how to get your hand held massager going, use yourself as a test subject. Try the varying speeds, settings, and massaging programs on different parts of your body. This'll help you figure out what setting works best with each muscle group, making your massage a more fulfilling experience.
  3. Get your significant other to help. Some places you just wont be able to reach on your own. Get your love interest to use it on your back and other hard to reach places. Then, you can do the same for them. Remember, it's all about experimentation. You may like one massaging variation better than your loved one. Just play around with the machine. Don't be afraid to try setting variations on your significant other. And, don't be afraid to let them try it on you. There is no wrong way to use a hand held body massager.
  4. The freaky stuff. Yeah, it's not uncommon for women to use these things to help them reach climax. For you slow guys out there, take a minute to let it register. Ready? Good. A hand held body massager is nothing more than a high powered vibrator with a load of sexually stimulating settings. Once again, the only thing required to using one of these things effectively id a little creativity. Go ahead. She won't mind. You may even find some setting that you're suited to use on yourself.
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