How To Use A Hangboard For Climbing

Do you want to know how to use a hangboard for climing? A hangboard is a good way to have a training device at home without the hassle of a big climbing wall. It fits any free space at your apartment or house. The only restriction is that it must be placed over an empty space at least as tall and wide as the climber.

To use a hangboard for climbing you will need:

  • A firm wall
  • hangboard
  • chalk bag
  1. Hang the hangboard from a rock wall able to withstand your weight. Some internal walls are not suitable for a hangboard. Try to use main walls or structures to safely place the hangboard.
  2. Make sure there´s enough room below and to the sides of the hangboard. Consider that a climber hanging from a hangborad will move to the sides and also back and forth while training.
  3. Bolt the hangboard to the wall. Use screws of the right size and shape to fix the hangboard. Consider also the wall´s material to choose the screws or bolts.
  4. Depending on the hangboard material, use chalk to keep your hands dry. Grip is lost fast as your hands get sweaty, so use some chalk to improve your performance.
  5. The hangboard is intended to train both hands and fingers. Remember that it´s not a pull bar, and focus on the technical finger positioning and strength.
  6. If you think that you will fall often from the hangboard, place a crash pad below it. A crash pad, that can be cut off an old mattress, is going to protect both the climber and the floor in case of a fall.

Remember that even though a hangboard is a small replica of a climbing route, you will still be several feet high, so be cautious.

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