How To Use HDFC Online Netbanking

Are you looking for assistance on how to use HDFC online NetBanking? Here is a short guide. NetBanking is an internet service of HDFC Bank, an Indian bank that began operations in 1995. HDFC Bank recently received a nod from Ernst & Young as the best new private sector bank in 2009-2010.

Today, HDFC Bank has a large network of branch banks and ATMs in nearly 800 Indian towns and cities. But you don’t have to visit a branch bank or ATM to use HDFC banking services. NetBanking allows you to manage your bank account from your computer, anytime and anywhere.

To start your NetBanking experience, you must first register. HDFC Bank offers three easy ways to do this:

  1. Phone banking. Phone banking is the easiest way to register. Simply call a phone banking number and follow the simple instructions.
  2. Download form. If you want to register the pen-and-paper way, visit the HDFC website to download a registration form. Complete the form at home and return it to a local branch bank.
  3. ATM. You can also register for NetBanking through an automatic teller machine, using your debit card. Just follow the instructions on the screen.

As a registered HDFC NetBanking customer, you will have access to several different online banking features. The features include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • View account details. View your bank account balances and monthly bank statements.
  • Transfer funds. Transfer funds between your bank accounts.
  • Place orders. Order check books, request drafts, cancel payments and more.
  • Pay bills. One of the best features of NetBanking is the bill pay function.

The HDFC website also provides a NetBanking Demo, offering step-by-step assistance with all of the NetBanking services.

HDFC online NetBanking also gives you a lot of benefits, including convenience, complete control and peace of mind.

  1. Convenience. NetBanking is a convenient way to manage your bank accounts. As a real-time service, NetBanking gives you access to immediate, up-to-the-second, details about your bank account.
  2. Control. You can access NetBanking anytime and anywhere-no lines and no waiting-from the privacy of your computer, with the click of a mouse. This gives you complete control over your finances.
  3. Peace of mind. The NetBanking internet service is safe and secure. HDFC Bank uses industry-standard technology and infrastructure to give customers not only convenience and control, but a genuine peace of mind.
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