How To Use Hockey Stick Wax

Learning how to use hockey stick wax and properly apply hockey wax to your hockey stick is a very important part of over all equipment management. Proper application of hockey wax will provide better puck control.  Proper application of hockey wax will also aid in the longevity of your hockey stick. Hockey wax is available through many avenues, specialty shops, general sporting goods stores and of course online. This may sound easy and frankly, it is but it is still important to know the proper way to wax your hockey stick that will add to the life of your gear.

  1. Secure your stick. Place the hockey stick in such a way that the blade is close and the stick is secure.
  2. Hockey blade wax comes in a variety of sizes and styles. Choose what is to your liking.
  3. Firmly grip the wax bar, while maintaining control of the hockey stick. You don't want to hurt yourself before getting onto the ice.
  4. Place the wax against the blade tape. Do so gently, you do not want to press too hard
  5. Move the wax along the run of the tape. You can do so in either an up or down motion, but keep it consistent.
  6. Follow the tape along the blade. Be sure to provide as even distribution as possible
  7. Provide a layer across the entire blade of the stick. That's it you're done!

Proper waxing of the hockey blade over the tape will add to the life of the tape and provide a little added puck control while you're out on the ice.

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