How To Use A Hunting Knife Safely

Want to know how to use a hunting knife safely? Start by keeping the sharp edge away from your hands and body. Hunting knifes are serious weapons. Tough, strong and above all sharp. Buying a hunting knife is easy. Learning to use it safely isn't hard but takes focus. One wrong move with a razor sharp edge can cause significant pain. There's a joke that says that more blood is drawn from hunters than from game. Now that we have your attention, let's learn how to use a hunting knife safely and efficiently.

  1. Leave knife in sheath. Keep your hunting knife in its sheath until you need it. Don't  walk around with it drawn. Don't play with your hunting knife. A sheath will cover the blade and keep the knife easily accessible. Make the most use of a good sheath and let it carry the knife for you.
  2. Cut away from your body. When cutting rope or material, hold the knife firmly and push the blade away from you. Do not cut while pulling the blade toward your face or body. A sharp blade will go through the material and accelerate toward parts you don't wish to cut.
  3. Keep thumb off blade. When you grip your hunting knife, take great care not to push your thumb forward. Make sure the thumb is securely rested, so much so, that it won't slip even when wet. When shopping for a hunting knife, it's good to get one with a thumb rest.
  4. Focus on your actions. Focusing while handling a sharp blade is the most important tip for using a hunting knife safely. Always focus on the blade and where it will go. Imagine the full trajectory of the razor sharp blade, before setting it in motion to avoid injury or damage to gear.
  5. Don't throw knife on hard surface. Throwing a hunting knife is dangerous. Throwing a hunting knife on a hard surface is foolish. The blade will bounce off the hard surface and could come flying back at you. If you must use your hunting knife as a striking weapon, make a spear out of it and you'll be assured of getting back safely. Learning how to use a hunting knife safely means using your mind to protect your body from unnecessary (and painful) injuries.
  6. Don't play with hunting knife. Don't be tempted to play tricks with your hunting knife. Throwing the knife in the air and catching the blade could result in injury. Balancing the knife or juggling it is dangerous too. Generally keep your hunting knife for its intended purpose and don't fool around with it. Respect this weapon and stay safe. Most accidents happen when people break this rule.
  7. Keep the blade clean. Always keep the blade of your hunting knife clean. Wash it with soap and warm water after use. This will remove bacteria and other contaminants. Should you accidently  cut yourself, simple first aid treatment will suffice if the blade is clean, rather than the potential for infection and the need for professional medical attention.
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