How To Use Hydrogen Peroxide In A First Aid Kit

Here are some easy tips on how to use hydrogen peroxide in a first aid kit. Hydrogen peroxide should be a staple in every household. It should be the go to product in every first aid kit. Hydrogen peroxide can usually be found in a brown bottle at your local pharmacy. Read on for tips for the many uses of hydrogen peroxide.

Things you'll need:

  • Bottle of hydrogen peroxide
  • Cotton balls
  1. Hydrogen peroxide can be used on cuts. If you have a paper cut or accidentally cut your finger while chopping vegetables, dab some hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball or pad and apply to the area before cleaning and applying a bandage. Hydrogen peroxide kills the germs that may have entered through the cut on your skin.
  2. If your child fell and scraped his or her knee, use hydrogen peroxide with a spray nozzle to spray the area. Clean, wipe dry and apply an antibiotic ointment and a bandage. If the scrape is really bad, you can apply a hydrogen peroxide gel to the area. This will stay on longer and prevent infection.
  3. You can use hydrogen peroxide on your pets. Some dogs may have runny eyes or chafe easily. Dab hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball to carefully clean the fur around their eyes, paws or skin. If your pet got scratched or wounded by another animal, use hydrogen peroxide to clean the wounds. You can also use a small amount of hydrogen peroxide in their bath water.
  4. Use hydrogen peroxide if you have an infection from a piercing on your body such as on your ears, belly button or nose. Dab the area with hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball or Q-tip. Use hydrogen peroxide gel if you need it to stay on longer. Repeat process until area is well treated. Soak your jewelry in hydrogen peroxide before putting it back on. This will kill germs and prevent reinfection. 


  • Do not use hydrogen peroxide on a deep wound.
  • If it stings when you apply hydrogen peroxide to a cut or scrape, dilute it with water or do not use at all.


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