How To Use The iPod Shuffle

Need to know to use the iPod shuffle? Believe it or not the iPod shuffle is extremely complicated to use. The design of the model has you having to remember the amount of button presses needed to perform simple functions. The average person will find this difficult, especially considering the lack of buttons on this gadget. However, this device is ideal for those who exercise, leading many people to learn how to use an iPod shuffle.    

  1. There are three switches on top of the iPod shuffle. Turn on the iPod shuffle by pushing the switch twice. Hold the switch to turn off the iPod shuffle off.
  2. There are no buttons on the iPod shuffle. To use it to play music you will need the apple standard headphones provided with the purchase of the iPod.
  3. To start a track press on the middle button once. Pause the track by pressing the middle button once. 
  4. Skip to the next track by pressing the middle button twice. To play the previous track, press the middle button three times. 
  5. To hear what artist or music is playing, hold the middle button for two seconds. If you have a different playlist programmed to the iPod shuffle and you want to play that particular music, hold the middle button for four seconds. It will speak out the different playlist names one by one. Once you hear the playlist that you want, press the middle button once. 

For best results play with your iPod shuffle before you will actually need to use it. This will save you a lot of frustration.

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